Frequently asked questions

What type of company is The Romance Concierge?

The Romance Concierge is a romantic event planning and concierge company that specializes in personalized romantic events for couples. Our services include marriage proposals, engagement parties, bridal showers, bridal brunches, bridal picnics, bridal sleepovers, rehearsal dinners, honeymoon room decor, romantic room decor, romantic dinners, romantic picnics, and more.

What is a romantic event planner/ romance concierge?

A romantic event planner/romance concierge is someone that specializes in creating/designing romantic ambiance, arranging/providing meals, entertainment and accommodations for romantic events.

Why do people hire romantic event planners/romance concierge?

Men, do you draw a blank when it comes to planning romance? Women do you find that your beloved has the desire for romance but could use some fresh ideas on how to create it? Let’s face it, planning romantic overtures does not come easily to many people. With overflowing schedules, who has the time to think about planning a romantic getaway, make restaurant reservations, send flowers, select the perfect gift, and most importantly remembering those special occasion dates. At The Romance Concierge we plan the romance for you from start to finish, so that you can relax and enjoy the benefits without the hassle of all the details. There is peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of and arranged especially for you and that special someone. You deserve to experience romance with ease and grace. Our team of romantic experts know just the right questions to ask to effectively create a personalized memorable occasion. Choose from a variety of enchanting services options or allow us to customize a unique one-of-a kind romantic rendezvous just for you.

Why should I hire The Romance Concierge for my next romantic event?

We have developed a step by step system designed to get even the most hopeless romantic in touch with their inner Romeo or Juliet. We eliminate any stress and save you time through the planning of your marriage proposal, romantic date, or romantic gift, allowing you to fully enjoy the moment. We provide you with unique ideas you may not have otherwise thought of. We can also fine-tune your idea and provide you with trustworthy and dependable vendors to make sure your event is a success. Our work is unique because we work hard to add special touches that you will not find elsewhere.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. The Romance Concierge protects the privacy of all our clients. Personal and financial information is never divulged. Please see our Privacy Policy page for more details.

How does the process of hiring a romantic event planner work?

When planning your perfect date we have you begin with a question and answer session allowing us to better get to know you and your partner and the things you both enjoy doing. We work with you every step of the way to create a plan for your special occasion that suites both of you and stays within your budget. We make all the bookings, take care of transportation, reservations or accommodations and can hire any actors, musicians or photographers you may need to set the mood.

How far in advance must I reserve your services?

We require at least two weeks notice, this ensures that the date you request is available. It also gives our staff the time and opportunity to get to know you so we may accommodate your needs to create the experience that you desire.

Why is romance important?

Romance is the key building block to a healthy long lasting relationship. It’s about doing the little things right, showing your partner you care and that you are thinking about them. Romance is worth the effort because it will improve your relationship. When you plan a date that involves more than dinner and a movie you’re going over and beyond what most people are willing to do. This makes your significant other feel special and appreciated and often times will inspire them to do something special for you.

What Cities Are Your Services Offered In?

We are currently servicing Romantics in Houston, and Surrounding Areas, Austin, Kileen, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi, and Lousiana.

6201 Bonhomme Rd

Houston, Texas 77036

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